In addition to broader, campaign-style pieces, I’ve also done some one-shot promotional posters. Here’s a showcase.

XPONENTIAL Music Festival


To distance WXPN’s yearly summer concert series from other more extravagant (and expensive) music festivals, I wanted to channel true punk sensibilities as I see them—stripped down, grimy, inornate, no-nonsense. Hence the neon two-color (plus white) color scheme, grotesk type (what’s more punk in type than bold Helvetica?), and a grungy accent of concrete texture.

The poster was awarded The Art Institute’s Best of Quarter for typography.

Shirley Mae Run & Michael J. Walk, 2018


The Shirley Mae Fund annually hosts a charity mega-event at the Atlantic City Tropicana. For next year’s event, they wanted to give their advertisement a visual makeover. The poster I created for this employs a clean look that puts people at the forefront, reflecting both the individual and group experience invited in the event.